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Monday, March 9, 2020

51 years

March 9th 1969 as a 7-year-old boy I gave my heart to Jesus. To celebrate the 51 years of my walk with the Lord I wanted to share 51 things that God has blessed me with. This is just a small list of the many things HE has done for me.

 1. God gave me an amazing wife to be my perfect companion as we serve God together.

2. I had a great mom and dad who taught me to love
the Lord.

3. I have a furnished home we can call my very own.
4. My car gets me everywhere I need to.
5. I have wonderful friends.
6. I am never lost thanks to the GPS on my phone that knows how to lead me home.
7. I live in the USA where it’s not considered a crime to preach the Word of God.
8. I am able to learn as much as I please.
9. My closet is full of my favorite. I even have enough to give away.
10. I had great grandparents.  
11. Food has never been scarce. In fact, I can eat all day long.
12. I have a little extra money to go have fun.
13. My bed is full of blankets and pillows for the ultimate sleep.
14. I can remember some of the most fun adventures of my life by looking at photos.
15. I have had great dogs that loved to see me after a long day at work.
16. I am very capable of doing anything I put my mind to.
17. I get to express and voice my opinions without being locked up in jail.
18. I have a great flock of Chickens.
19. My parents told me “no” when I needed to hear it.
20. Whenever I feel lonely, I have my bible and my friends are just one phone call away.
21. I can listen to my favorite songs on the radio and sing to them even though I’m not good.
22. I was able to go on a mission trip and spread the Word of God because He has called me to do so.
23. A hot shower is always something I look forward to.
24. I know where to go if I need help.
25. Our annual family vacations created amazing memories.
26. I have been brought through times of extreme pain.
27. I graduated from College.
28. Moody Bible Institute gave me a great foundation.
29. So many people including friends and family have given me so much to help me out.
30. I’m blessed because I get to work with children and youth throughout the years.
31. Heaven is my home.
32. I have been given leadership abilities.
33. My workshop. The place where I can be alone and be as loud or quiet as I want and create things.
34. I still have my childhood friends thanks to Facebook.
35. The technology of the CPAP machine that helps me sleep.
36. Nature has given me a glimpse of God.
37. I know that not every day is a bad day.
38. Forgiveness is a real thing and I am able to do it.
39. I am thankful for my phone that is keeps me organized.
40. I have a powerful tool called prayer.
41. I have a future, even if I cannot see it.
42. Many people have helped and influenced me to become the person I am.
43. Thankful that everyone is different so it makes me unique. This reminds me to just continue being me.
44. I can write and share God’s love.
45. I have been given 58 wonderful years of life.
46. My childhood was fantastic. I got to run barefoot and wild.
47. God gave me two wonderful brothers.
48. God gives me a new day to grow closer to Him and share His love.
49. Family dinner time once a week.
50. It's a blessing that the darkness can never dull any light.
51. God’s love that never fails.

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