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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our God is a God of miracles

Psalm 77:14 (NIV) 
You are the God who performs miracles;
    you display your power among the peoples.

Solomon Baski lay on his bed. He was dead. The whole village had gathered in his house. His wife and other women were weeping.

The news reached the surrounding villages. People were streaming in from different places to pay homage to the departed soul.

Solomon Baski hails from Beddia village in Jharkand State, India. He belongs to a tribe called Santhal. In spite of his poverty, he accepted Christ’s Lordship and was leading a witnessing life. Whenever the Church Elder was absent, he used to conduct the church service. His wife too was a strong believer in Christ.

Baski fell ill with Malaria. Also he had the attack of the deadly disease “Kala-zar”, which was caused by sand flies. He went to the doctor a few times. But they were not helpful. Finally, bereft of all strength, he committed himself to God’s care. He grew steadily worse and became bed-ridden.

When he was struggling for his life, his relatives came to his house. They accused his wife saying, “Because you accepted Christ, Baski has become like this. Listen and do what we say. Throw away the Bible and all things relating to it. We will bring a witch doctor. If we perform some religious ceremony through him, he will be alright.”

But the wife did not heed to their advice. She retorted, “Even if my husband dies, I will not allow a witch-doctor to enter my house. Jesus will surely heal my husband. No one else can help us in this matter”.

One week passed and Solomon Baski suffered from breathlessness and soon he breathed his last. It was past 12 Noon. The man who was arranging the funeral was asking whether all had come.

A group of people was coming at a distance. The women were beating their breast and weeping. But the men in the group were angry.

One of them came to Solomon’s wife and was shouting, “You have killed Solomon by not allowing the witch-doctor to come”. Another man shouted, “Kill her also”.

Soon Solomon’s wife found herself surrounded by a hostile crowd. They began to beat her. Some people rushed to her help. She ran into another room and bolted the door inside.

The people outside were knocking at the door while she was praying at the Heaven’s door.

Suddenly, there was pin-drop silence outside. Solomon’s wife opened the door and came out. Her husband got up and was sitting on the cot. Praise God!

She said Jesus is alive today. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. My husband Solomon Baski stands as a powerful testimony to God’s power to raise the dead to life.

Dear Lord, thank You for the miracles that You preform. Help us have our hearts and eyes open to them. Helps us to pray to You so that those around us can see Your love and power. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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