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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Are you a wounded duck?

Psalm 118:17  (ESV)
I shall not die, but I shall live,
    and recount the deeds of the Lord.

A farmer and his friend went duck hunting. Eventually, they got to talking about the things of God, as they always would. "You're always talking about these battles you have with the devil," the farmer's friend said to him. "It's so silly – I mean, I'm not even a Christian and I've never experienced anything like that."

"Yes my friend," the wise farmer answered, "but if you shot two ducks -- one was wounded and one was dead -- which would you go after first?"

"Well," he said, "I guess I'd go after the wounded duck – I can always get the dead one later."

"Mmm-hmm," said the farmer, "The devil knows you're a dead duck."

For those of us who are walking with the Lord today, be encouraged! Our enemy knows that we have potential to do great things for God, and out of fear, he'll try anything to take us out. This is so very evident by the constant battle we all face.

Let's stand strong against the devil today! And rise up to the Lord's calling upon our lives! We will fight and we will WIN! Because if God is for us, who can be against us.

Dear Lord, give us the strength to stand against the devil today. Give us the encouragement that we need to stand firm and be the witness You want us to be. In the Name of Jesus, Amen. 

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