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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy birthday America 2018

John 8:36 (ESV)
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

We live in the United States. The United States of America was started over 225 years ago. That seems very old. But the ideas it was started with are still important. Americans are free to live where they want, and say what they believe, and to worship God where they would like to do so. These are BIG Freedoms. Some other countries don’t have those freedoms. Today we are celebrating Independence Day: the day our country declared its independence (or freedom) from rule by others. It takes hard work and sacrifice to keep our country safe and free. These may include: Veterans, persons in the armed forces, first responders, statesmen, citizens, etc.)

When our county started, the people then fought a great war for America. They were victorious in that fight! and they started a new country here, the United States of America. They had a new flag for their new country. Each thing in our flag means something special. The stars represent the number of states we have now. The stripes represent the number of states America started with (13, 7 red & 6 white). Even the colors of the flag mean special things.




As we know there was a man named Jesus, who was and is the Son of God, who came to earth many years ago, way back before America was started. Jesus came to set us all free. He came to set us free from sin and death. He was COURAGEOUS because He stood up to evil and did what was right. He was PURE because He was the Son of God and because He never did anything wrong. He was FAITHFUL to do what He came to do, even though it was very hard. And in the end He was victorious and WON over sin and death.
HE came to set people FREE, not only in this country, but in every country all over the world. He came for all people who would believe in Him, no matter where they lived or when they lived. He came for all people everywhere!

Jesus came to save us! He came to set us free!

Dear Lord,  We come to You this July 4th, grateful for our country and grateful for the men and women who gave their lives so that we might be free. We proclaim our allegiance to our country and total dedication to You. May Your name be praised and celebrated throughout our country on this our joyous national holiday. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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