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Saturday, June 1, 2019


Psalm 112:9 (ESV)
He has distributed freely; he has given to the poor;
    his righteousness endures forever;
    his horn is exalted in honor.

God’s nature is to give, and everything He does comes from a generous spirit. In the same way, we should desire to be truly generous and allow our lives to be a flow of blessing to others. Generosity isn’t about how much you have, nor is it proven in a single act — the true spirit of generosity is a lifestyle.

• A way of seeing
“He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor” (Proverbs 22:9).
A generous eye will see beyond itself and quickly spot opportunities to bless others. Instead of being someone who sits back and makes harsh judgments about others, a generous spirit will be open to believe the best.

• A way of thinking
“But a generous man devises generous things...” (Isaiah 32:8)
When generosity is a way of thinking, one will always be devising plans to bless others. God saw the need of the world, and He devised a generous strategy. It is called the Gospel, which means “good news.”

• A way of living
“...and by generosity he shall stand” (Isaiah 32:8).
When generosity is a way of living, it becomes our stance. It is not a labor, a single action or a grudging obligation — it is a way of life. The promise of God is that one who has a “generous eye” is someone who will be blessed themselves.

God’s Kingdom refers to everything within His realm, both in Heaven and on earth. To have a Kingdom spirit means you have a vision that is bigger than you — you will always be devising generous strategies or plans to bless others.

Generosity is not merely an action but a way of seeing, thinking and living. What’s more, it’s what God wants for you. This next week look for opportunities to bless others, devise generous strategies and reach out to those around you in the name of Jesus!

Dear Lord, we pray that we would find ways to share Your kingdom with those around us. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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