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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Learn to be better people

Image result for better peopleProverbs 1:5 (NIV)
let the wise listen and add to their learning,
    and let the discerning get guidance—

Sandhya was a grandmother who enjoyed life in the company of her family members! She had two very affectionate grandchildren named Shruti and Gaurav. They were 8 and 10 years old. Lot of love, affection and caring was being exchanged in their relationship. There was lot of happiness around.

Shruti had a lovely handwriting. There was beautiful flow in her writing. Sandhya used to praise her quite often while secretly feeling bad about her own which was not as good. One fine day Sandhya decided to learn the art of good handwriting and take some finer tips from Shruti.

Shruti's initial reaction was that of surprise. She said "Grandma! You are sixty years old now, why do you want to learn?"

Sandhya said "Age has no barriers, my little darling! I feel I have a keen desire to learn & improve the way I write so would you not help me doing it?”

And so started a different kind of an adult education project. Sandhya told Shruti to buy her a notebook. Shruti used to write a sentence every day for Sandhya and would say, "Grandma complete your homework". Grandma faithfully and sincerely did her homework before her young little teacher returned from school.

There were also days when the young teacher was not happy with her pupil's work and would give her a remark as 'O.K.', "needs improvement" etc.

Grandma would ask "Why O.K.?"

And the teacher would reply "You have not written the 'P' properly, look at these strokes, these need to improve etc."

Grandma took the suggestion very seriously and acted on them with full sincerity. It must be mentioned here that the young teacher was often quite generous with her evaluation as grandma earned a lot of remarks like excellent, very good and good etc.

A wonderful process was on but the young minds were still unable get over the question that why is grandma trying to learn the art of good handwriting at this age!

Gaurav and Shruti kept on asking her “But why do you want to improve your handwriting at this age, when you have already crossed sixty."

Grandma would try to explain "Learning can be done at any age, any time, my sweet little darlings, provided there is a keen desire to learn."

Days passed, months went by and there was significant improvement in Grandma's handwriting! It was now the turn of her friends & relatives to be pleasantly surprised when they received her letters in the newly learnt & perfected hand!

At first they thought someone else is writing these for her. There were compliments from one & all when they came to know that it is this 60 years young student who has this charisma!

The whole process was a living expression on the significance of the four R’s of our life i.e. REACHES OUT, RELATE, RECEIVE and REJOICE.

If one is to draw a lesson from the above story, it is evident that these processes are not only complimentary to each other, their adoption in the above order leads to lasting happiness in life!

The results in the current exercise were also no different! While it fuelled Grandma's desire to lead a creative & healthy life, added few more reasons for her to make active contribution to her environment, she and her grandchildren experienced a kind of openness that brought them closer to each other! More than ever before!

Growing older is an eventuality! Growing younger is a possibility! Only you can make it happen! Last take the time today to help each other learn and become better people.

Dear Lord we pray that we would take the time to encourage others and help them learn. We thank You that we have the ability to learn and to teach. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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