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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Dozen Eggs and the Easter Story

1 John 2:25 (NIV)
And this is what he promised us—eternal life.

Tomorrow is Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus raising form the dead.  Doing that He conquered death so that we all may live eternally with Him.

As we prepare to celebrate what Jesus did for us let us take a look at a dozen eggs.  Each one has a symbol with a description and a Bible verses

Egg 1 - small cracker pieces (represent the Last Supper) Mark 14:22

Egg 2 - feather (represents the Rooster) Matt 26:33

Egg 3 - Three silver dimes (30 pieces of silver) Matt 26:14-15

Egg 4 - Thorns (crown of thorns) Mark 15:17 (I used the thorn of a rose stem)

Egg 5 - Nail (nails on the cross) Matt 27:31

Egg 6 - a small metal or paper cross (the cross) John 19:17-18

Egg 7 - Dice (casting lots) John 19:23-24

Egg 8 - Toothpick (spear) John 19:34

Egg 9 - White cloth (linen burial cloth) Matt 27:57-60

Egg 10- Cinnamon Sticks (burial spices) Mark 16:1

Egg 11 - Stone (over the mouth of the tomb) Matt 27:62-65

Egg 12- Empty Egg (the empty tomb) Mark 16:5-6

Dear Lord, we fall on our knees and the thought of what You did for each of us. We pray that we would never forget the way You took each of our sins on Yourself so that we could ask forgiveness and be saved. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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