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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Joy To The World take 2

Psalm 98:4-6 (ESV)
4 Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth;
    break forth into joyous song and sing praises!
5 Sing praises to the Lord with the lyre,
    with the lyre and the sound of melody!
6 With trumpets and the sound of the horn
    make a joyful noise before the King, the Lord!

Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart
Prepare Him room
And heaven and nature sing
Let heaven and nature sing
Let heaven and heaven
And nature sing
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ

It amazes me at the thought of Mary and Joseph and their quest to literally find a room for the Son of God to be born. Since there was nowhere prepared for Jesus’s birth, many people missed out on the most shocking moment in human history.

God born as a baby.

Let’s face it, the Christmas season is busy. Our schedules fill with parties, activities luncheons, shopping, family traditions and errands. The room in our heart can also fill up quickly with the schedule of the season!

However, as Christ-followers, we should be drawn to celebrate differently than the rest of the world, because we observe the birth of the most amazing human who has ever lived: our God-Jesus Christ. And this Christ is worthy of our time, attention and hearts.

There have been countless people throughout history who have missed out on Jesus, even some who proclaimed themselves to be followers. They missed out because they didn’t make Him central in their lives.

They didn’t prepare a room for him.

As this song reminds us, we should be primarily preparing for Christ during this season. Not the celebration of Jesus, but for the person of Jesus himself.

While this season can undoubtedly bring stress and busyness, we do not celebrate because it’s Christmas. We celebrate because Jesus Christ came and brought his love, light, truth and way. He came to bring us back to God, for our God saves.

May you embrace the gift Jesus brought you this Christmas season, which is him. He is here right with you today as you are reading this; loving you and wanting you to fall into his loving, tender, safe arms.

Have you prepared a room for him this season? It’s never too late to prepare the room!

Dear Lord, we don’t always have space for you in our life. We don’t always carve out the time, or show You attention, or recognize Your movements around us. We pray that You’ll help us overcome our distractions, and make You a greater priority in our life. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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