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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do You Handle The Things That Come Before You?

1 Timothy 6:6 (New International Version) But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Sharon sat in her women's Bible study group, listening and laughing with the other mothers, as they vented their frustration over the drudgery of daily errands, and household chores.

One woman told the group, "I use to vacuum my carpet, and wash my floors as I fumed to myself, how much I hated cleaning and picking up after everybody."

Sharon could identify with the complaints of the other women in the group. However, they all left on a positive note saying they would change their negativity around and serve others— including their family— with a positive attitude.

As Sharon opened the front door to her home, her eyes immediately met with a trail of shredded papers, empty containers, and an assortment of garbage strewn across her floor. While she was gone, her dog had ripped apart the trash. Greeted by this unexpected disaster, she met her first challenge to stay positive.

After cleaning up the mess, she went to the gym for her work-out. Upon entering the locker room she discovered she had forgotten her change of clothing. She could feel the frustration start to rise within her. Keeping in mind what she had learned that morning, she got back in her car and turned on some upbeat music. She was determined to keep a positive attitude, as she drove all the way home, and back.

After exercising her muscles, Sharon got another exercise of faith. She had forgotten about an important doctor's appointment for her son, and was already 45 minutes late.

"That office runs flawlessly on a strict time schedule," she muttered to herself, as she drove to the office wondering how she would get in for the appointment.

Approaching the reception desk, she was tempted to give the receptionist a lame excuse as to why she was late. But she admitted that she simply forgot about it. Amazingly they ushered her son in for his appointment.

Sharon found the benefits of staying positive no matter what. She realized putting God's Word into practice really did make a difference in the outcome of her day. Instead of the usual feeling of dissatisfaction, she ended her day feeling happy and content.

Dear Lord we pray that we would be positive in all the things that come our way. Help our choices be pleasing to You that we would be able to show Your love to those around us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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