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Saturday, November 23, 2013

No Trespassing!

Jeremiah 7:23 (NIV)
But I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.

Very early this morning I was out Geo-caching and I came across a sign that stated no trespassing

We've all seen them at one time or another.

Whether it was attached to a barbed wire fence at the edge of the woods, or posted in someone's yard, or displayed prominently on a warehouse, we've all seen "No trespassing" signs.

Now, a "No trespassing" sign can mean a couple of things. It can mean
1.You aren't supposed to be there, and / or
2. Someone doesn't want you there.

These kinds of signs mean "Leave immediately...and don't come back!" They aren't suggestions or recommendations; they are the expressed will of the owner.

Quite simply, you aren't supposed to step one foot onto a place where a "No trespassing" sign is posted. Just stay away. Fortunately for me the cache I was looking for wasn’t beyond the sign.

That sign got me thinking. You know, the Lord also has "No trespassing" signs posted. Yep. He's got them posted in a variety of places...

DOUBT - "No Trespassing." FEAR - You aren't supposed to be there. WORRY - Someone doesn't want you there. DISCOURAGEMENT - Don't step one foot onto it. INDIFFERENCE / NEGLECT - Just stay away. SIN - "Leave immediately...and don't come back!"

You see, Jesus has many, many places that He simply doesn't want us to go. Things like doubt, fear, worry, discouragement, indifference, sin, complacency, selfishness, and pride - these are areas that are clearly marked, "No Trespassing."

Anytime in the Word of God that you read, "Thou shalt not" or "be ye not" or "do not" - these are all ways that the Lord says to us, "No Trespassing." Whether it's attached to a barbed wire fence at the edge of depression, or posted in the yard of gossip, or displayed prominently on a warehouse of greed, the Lord has these warning signs in place for you and I to obey. And they aren't just suggestions or recommendations; they are His expressed will for our lives.

What are you facing today? Is there some sin that just keeps nagging at your life? Are you troubled with fear and anxiety over some situation that seems out of control? Perhaps there is a bit of doubt creeping into your prayer life. If you find yourself doubtful or fearful or anxious or in sin, the Lord would say to you today

..."No trespassing."

Leave immediately.

And don't come back!

Dear Lord, help us heed the No Trespassing sign You have given us today. Give us the strength to leave immediately and to not come back to that area of our life that You are warning us about. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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