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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Count Down to Easter

Using 12 plastic eggs that can be opened and filled, either you give a basket with all 12 eggs (label each with the number of the day, i.e. Day 12, Day 11) or give one egg each day to be opened. (Day 1 is "Easter Day", so start 11 days before Easter with "Day 12")

Day 12 = Place a cracker or small piece of cracker inside the first egg with a slip of paper explaining how this symbolizes the bread & wine of the Last Supper. (Putting in the appropriate Bible verse/verses for the contents of each egg would REALLY be neat and SUCH a reinforcing learning tool", too!)

Day 11 = Place 3 dimes to symbolize the "30 pieces of silver" that Judas received to betray Jesus.

Day 10 = Place a toy soldier or picture of a soldier to symbolize the soldier who arrested Jesus.

Day 9 = Place a "feather" to symbolize the cock rooster that crowed 3 times.

Day 8 = Place a die or a couple of dice to symbolize the "lots that were cast" for Jesus' clothing.

Day 7 = Place a "thorn" in to symbolize the "crown of thorns" that Jesus wore. (taken off a rose bush is fine)

Day 6 = Place a "sponge" in to symbolize the sponge that was dipped in vinegar when Jesus said, "I thirst".

Day 5 = Place a "piece of cloth" in to symbolize the cloth that Joseph wrapped the body of Jesus in.

Day 4 = Place a "piece of black paper or black cloth" into the egg to symbolize the "shadow of darkness" that covered the Earth.

Day 3 = Place a "cross" inside to symbolize the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Day 2 = Place a "rock" inside the egg to symbolize the stone that was rolled away.

Day 1 = EASTER MORNING! This egg will be "empty" to symbolize the tomb that was empty, that Jesus was "risen" !!

... Be sure to write the symbolization description and appropriate Bible verses on slips of paper to go into each of the eggs.

Day1 - small cracker pieces (represent the Last Supper) Mark14:22

Day2 - feather (represents the Rooster ) Matt 26:33

Day3 - Three silver dimes (30 pieces of silver) Matt26:14-15

Day4 - Thorns (crown of thorns) Mark 15:17 (I used the thorn of a rose stem)

Day5 - Nail (nails on the cross) Matt27:31

Day6 - a small metal or paper cross (the cross) John19:17-18

Day7 - Dice (casting lots) John 19:23-24

Day8 - Toothpick (spear) John 19:34

Day9 - White cloth (linen burial cloth) Matt 27:57-60

Day10- Cinnamon Sticks (burial spices) Mark 16:1

Day11 - Stone (over the mouth of the tomb) Matt 27:62-65

Day12- Empty Egg (the empty tomb) Mark16:5-6

Dear Lord We thank You for what You did for us on Easter. Because of Your love for us and your willingness to die for our sins we can have eternal life. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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