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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lesson From a Field Mouse

Psalm 36:9 (New Century Version)
You are the giver of life.
       Your light lets us enjoy life.

In the beginning, when the wheat stalks were just little sprouts, there was a family of mice. A cat had hurt the father mouse, so it had fallen upon the son to bring in food for the family. Every day he would go out searching for food; Bringing home whatever he was able to find; a piece of cheese here, slice of bread, some old grain. They were just able to stay alive with the meager food supply. As time went on the father mouse got angry. Not really at the son, but more at himself, and his inability to help his family. His anger began to spill out on the son, and his words became very hurtful. This would cause the son to go out earlier, and stay out later. This made the father angrier. So began the cycle of pain.

Jim, the wheat stalk (remember Jim?), anyway, he noticed the field mouse right away. He also noticed the farmer did not chase him away. Although the mouse would at times make quite the mess, the farmer still allowed him to scavenge for food in the field. Jim noticed this kind of stuff. One day Jim decided to ask the farmer why he allowed the field mouse around.

When he did, the farmer just replied..."He needs something you have. Something that I will give to him soon. Meanwhile just leave him be, he harms no one, and is learning from you all."

Now that surprised Jim! "Learning from us?" Jim thought. Hummm. As the days went on, the wheat grew, and the little field mouse kept coming. Finally one day he spoke to Jim. "Hello" he said.

"Well, hello little mouse" replied Jim. "May I ask you something?" said Jim.

"Sure, go ahead," said the mouse.

"Why do you hang around here all the time? Don't you have a home and family to go to?"

The little mouse looked down sadly. "Yes, I do" he said slowly, "but they say harsh things to me and each other, so I prefer to be around you all. You are kind to one another, and never yell. Your farmer is wonderful and kind, and leaves me food every once in awhile to eat. It is as if he is intentionally leaving it because he likes me, so I come back each day to see what he has left."

Jim was surprised. He never noticed that the farmer left food for the mouse. So began a friendship between the mouse, Jim, and the other wheat stalks. One day the mouse came to visit, and was shocked to find all the wheat gone. He looked everywhere, but could not find them. He was so sad. Then he looked up. The farmer was walking toward him. "Why so sad little mouse?" he asked, "see, here is some food for you." The mouse thanked him, and began to leave. Then he turned to the farmer and asked him.

"Where are all my friends gone?" "I feel so alone with out them."

The farmer smiled. "I know you do, right now, just trust me, you will be happy they had to go for awhile. They will be back, and then you will see how they will become so much more than just friends to you and your family."

In just a short time, the wheat became processed, into flour. Then the farmer made bread with it. The farmer went out into the field looking for the little mouse. He finally found him, curled up under a log. The little mouse was scared and shaking. "What is wrong?" said farmer.

"My father told me he was going to whip me today if I did not bring home enough food to feed them all for the winter. I am afraid to go home, empty handed." replied the mouse.

The farmer smiled at him. "Don't be afraid. I know everything about you and your family. You will all be just fine. Take this loaf of bread I made." The little mouse reached up to take the bread. He was overjoyed! There was enough bread to last all winter for him and his family. He thanked the farmer and ran home with his "prize." "Mother, Father, look what I have!" he yelled when he got to the door. "Look what the farmer gave me!"

"Oh my", said mother mouse, "that is a lot!" The father, who was in the parlor and did not know about the bread, came out to yell at his son. When he saw the bread, he stopped short.

"Where did you steal that?" he asked.

"I did not steal it father, the kind farmer gave it to me."

"Why would he do that?" asked father mouse." We are not like them, we are different."

"I'm not sure," said the son, "but he told me that he gave me the "Bread of Life"!

"That it is son!" said the father mouse. "He gave you the bread of life, and I have given you nothing but heartache."

"Father." said the little mouse; "I know how you have been feeling. It's is OK. I know you love me. The farmer said he knows all of us, and cares about us. He said he did not want us to die over the winter. That was why he gave me this loaf of bread. He also said, when we eat it, it will become life to us! He also said, we will never hunger again." The family of mice hugged and cried that day. They asked forgiveness of each other, and hugged again.

The farmer had been right of course. They never did hunger again. Farmer became a source of food for them every day. They also learned about real love that gives. The mouse family decided that day, to serve the master of the field only! For He was the Bread of Life. The little mouse was so thankful to the wheat. He remembered them in love, and all they had taught him about the farmer. All winter, he shared with his family all that he had learned about life and about the farmer. Come spring, they would share the good news with all their mouse friends. News about a farmer who not only loves his wheat field, but even loves the lowly little field mouse. "Ah, the farmer!" thought the little mouse. "The giver of life!"

Let us not forget who the real giver of life is.

Dear Lord we thank You that You take care of us in all things. We pray that we would always stop to be thankful for how you supply for each of us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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