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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The World's Show

Psalm 97:4-6 (New International Version) 
4 His lightning lights up the world;
   the earth sees and trembles.
5 The mountains melt like wax before the LORD,
   before the Lord of all the earth.
6 The heavens proclaim his righteousness,
   and all peoples see his glory.

Did you ever stop to notice how the world puts on a show? Did you ever take a minute just to stop and watch the snow? Have you ever seen a rainbow in a droplet of God's tears? If you haven't, my good friend, you've wasted all those years.

A young Mother and daughter wasted no time at all. After the first big snow of the season, they headed directly to the local park. All bundled up and ready to go, they loaded their sleds, a few extra socks and mittens into the back seat of the car and headed to the "best place on Earth to slide!" As Mom put it.

She had grown up in a small town just a few miles from where she and her daughter now live. Going back there to ride down the hill together has always been special to her. As a little girl playing with her friends she often declared "One day I'll bring my kids here, for this is the best place on Earth."

And so she did. This year seemed extra special. Her daughter was finally old enough to take a few trips down the hill on her own. Of course Mom was always close behind. Not that this was a dangerous hill, but this was the first time Mom was beginning to let go. You know, from the first day we begin to teach our children to be independent, we begin to experience that special pain. The one that tugs at your heart every time they take another step in the direction of adulthood. This moment was far from that, but still it was a first.

They came to a rolling stop, as the two tumbled and fell into the snow laughing. The blue sky above reminded them of a bright future and the sun began to dance across the field. Next to where they had stopped were a few small evergreens. Their branches laden with snow, bowed to the very spot where they laid dreaming.

"Look, look how the snow glistens!" Mom said. Her daughter didn't move an inch.

"Mommy, you're just kidding me right?" The young girl said.

"Kidding? About what?" Asked Mom.

"I didn't know the snow had ears," the young child replied.


"You said the snow listens," the child repeated as she rolled over.

Mom, being careful not to make fun of her, held back the laugh as long as she could. Then, struggling to clear things up she said, "No, honey. I said the snow glistens. See the snow on that branch there in front of you? After God sends us snow to have fun in, He sends the sunlight to dance on the snow flakes. As they melt, the snow turns into little drops of water. As they hang there the light shines through them and you can see little rainbows. It's all a part of the show," Mom explained.

The little girl stayed there for a few minutes looking around. Off in the distance they could hear the other children playing. Yet, in that moment, that precious moment that this young Mother will one day recall when she is feeling abandoned and alone, God put on a light show and life danced across their souls.

"Mom this is better than Disney World!" The child said. "And we don't have to pay to get in."

Have you ever watched a snowflake as it floated to the ground? Did you ever tumble down a hill and watch the world go round? Have you ever stopped to notice that the world is just a ride? In the amusement park He gave you, you can run and laugh and slide.

Dear Lord we thank You for the amusement park that You have given to each of us. We pray that we would stop and notice the beauty before us. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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