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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rejoice With Those Around You.

Forty thousand fans were on hand in the Oakland stadium when Rickey Henderson tied Lou Brock's career stolen base record. According to USA Today Lou, who had left baseball in 1979, had followed Henderson's career and was excited about his success. Realizing that Rickey would set a new record, Brock said, "I'll be there. Do you think I'm going to miss it now? Rickey did in 12 years what took me 19. He's amazing."

The real success stories in life are with people who can rejoice in the successes of others. What Lou Brock did in cheering on Rickey Henderson should be a way of life in the family of God. Few circumstances give us a better opportunity to exhibit God's grace than when someone succeeds and surpasses us in an area of our own strength and reputation.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

- Romans 12:15 (New International Version)

Dear Lord, We pray that we will be the encouragement to those around us. We pray that we will rejoice with them and be excited for their accomplishments. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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