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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are You Helping Those in Need?

Listen to the story of a young girl. "I was walking home the other afternoon," Ginny said, "and there was a lady I'd never met before not far from our house. She was old, with white hair, and I went to her and asked her what's the trouble, because she was talking to herself." She didn't hear Ginny at first, so she asked again, "Can I help you?" The woman responded: "Oh, little girl, if you could that would be wonderful." Ginny was offended at being called a "little girl," but decided to help the woman anyway. The woman was searching for her daughter's house and somehow had gotten lost. "But she'd taken a wrong turn," Ginny said. "I was going to tell her where she'd gone wrong, and I started to, but she couldn't get what I was telling her."

Ginny debated what to do. Should she help this woman or should she go home to do her chores? The girl decided to help the older woman find her daughter's home.

As they were walking through the neighborhood, the girl began talking with the elderly woman. "I told her about the stores and the shortcuts, and I told her where the phones are. I asked her where she lived, and pretty soon she was telling me everything." They soon discovered they had much in common. Their lives connected. "We got to be pretty good friends by the time we were there, where her daughter lives, and her grandchildren." The older woman was tired and out of breath when they finally found their destination. She thanked the girl for helping her. "She said thank you so many times I thought she'd never stop!" Ginny said. "She grabbed my arm, and she said God sent me to her, and she'd pray to Him later, before she went to sleep, to thank Him for me." At first Ginny wasn't sure the woman was serious. "But I looked at her, and she had tears in her eyes, so I knew she was." Walking, the girl gained a new insight. "Maybe God puts you here," she says, "and He gives you these hints of what's ahead, and you should pay attention to them, because that's Him speaking to you."

That's good advice for us. We need to listen to the prompts that God give us to help those in need.

How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help?

-1 John 3:17

Dear Lord, you have done so much to help us. Remind us to listen closely to your nudges to help those we come into contact with. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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